In Gecam we are living a strong revolutionary plan concerning the internal corporate structure, always looking at market changes.

A task to review every company process in order to guarantee company constancy and productivity on the market, where the control appears every time more difficult to do.

Our guidelines to realise a good company policy.

1. Customer’s Satisfaction

Reliability, quality and on time delivery are the main issues. We work together with the customer providing our twenty-year experience, advanced technologies and our staff’s competences.

From the administrative department to the technical, from the production department to the packaging, the customer is guided to choice the best services and products.

2. UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 RENEWAL

To achieve the previous goal it is important to have always high quality standards and balanced prices.

Since 1994 we have been punctually renewing UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certification in order to guarantee to our customers the warranty and security that only a certified quality gives.

3. Green Economy

Today, companies have to minimize the environmental impact. 

In Gecam we have instituted green measures since some years but we know that an improvement is always possible. Therefore we carefully look at the research world, ready to learn news concerning every business practice: from production to post cutting manufacturing up to the restock of raw materials.

4. Innovation and Progress

Partnerships with universities and young students gives us the possibility to put innovation at the basis of our work in order to achieve progress. 

News and updates from universities world give us the possibility to increase our competitiveness on the international market.

Therefore, we gadly accept partnership proposals from universities and high schools.

Any partnership and candidature, obviously based on a convincing project is always supported and encouraged with attention and curiosity.

5. Team Building

Some changes are necessary to be always up to date, thus the internal organisation has to work with motivation and synergy accepting always new challenges with team spirit and optimism. 

Training and updating are the base of our success, for this reason every year we invest a significant part of turnover to have a motivated, experienced and constantly up to date team which is the pivot of our production and also a warranty for the quality of our products.