Mylar is a transparent and flexible polyester film. It has many properties, exceptionally strong and durable, it is suitable to be used in several industrial applications, particularly in the electromechanical industry. It provides a great tensile resistance and to rips and bumps too. It is inert with water and it resists to steam. It is also inert and waterproof to oils, fats and volatile aromatic compounds. These properties don’t change in spite of the temperatures used during the working process. Mylar remains flexible at temperatures from -70°C up to 150°C. In normal conditions Mylar resists to ageing, not becoming fragile.

Mylar is obtained from polyethylene terephthalate; the polymer derived from the condensation of ethylen glycol and terephthalic acid. Its technical functions and properties make it suitable to be used as:

  • support for microfilm, magnetic tapes
  • electrical insulator for condenser, motors, membrane switches, cables and conductors
  • physical barrier in sheets for labels and books covers
  • thermal barrier in electrical tape for cables and conductors
  • help thermal printing