Felts are in wool or synthetic. They are mainly used as dust covers, to maintain lubricated sliding surfaces and as filters for little dense fluids, but they can be used also in many other sectors.

Indeed, felt is a versatile material which is adaptable to be used:

in technical and industrial applications
in the fashion sector
for decoration, furnishing and design

It is possible custom cutting of felt through specific die cutting machines but due to its composition felt is not suitable to be worked by water jet cutting.

It is possible to produce any kinds of felts in thickness, density, width and texture depending on the lenght and quality of the fibres used. For example, there are soft and velvety felts, others rigid or even so thin to be almost transparent.

The synthetic felt has the advantage of combining different qualities of fibres and it can be saturated with resins and other chemicals in order to obtain different technical properties as well as different external aspects from the visual and tactile point of view.