Graphite F41 R1 smooth sheet

Gasket made up of pure lamellar graphite (>99%) with metal insertion (Aisi 316 inox sheet) which is self-lubricating, non-combustible and with an excellent resistance to temperatures and pressures. Material’s resilience is not temperature dependent, in fact it maintains its properties both with cryogenic temperatures (-200°C) and with highest temperatures (+3000 °C in lack of oxidation). Therefore it resists to hard thermal and dynamic cycles. Moreover, graphite gaskets’ creep is very restrained and for this reason bolts’ retightening is unnecessary. This kind of gasket can be used in contact with almost all types of chemical aggresive fluids (except for the nitric acid and the sulphuric) and it has an excellent yield in contact with water vapor. The graphite is a less porous material and the gas-tight is not excellent but it is maintained with very low tightening, making it a good material for light flanges. In absence of oxidation processes its properties remain unchanged over time even during long exposures to high temperatures, making reinforced graphite gaskets an excellent product in many applications.