We produce for the plumbing sector machinery’s items used for the treatment, purification and distribution of industrial and drinking water, corrosive or hot fluids and fumes. Moreover, we produce also flanges, flat gaskets and felts in materials with excellent physical and mechanical properties, fit for applications at high temperature and in corrosive environments in addition with materials suitable for the food industry, certified according to DM 102 and FDA. Therefore we supply industries of these sectors:

  • Drinking water distribution
  • Surface and industrial water
  • Health sector
  • Heating
  • Technological steam distribution
  • Machinery for industrial washing

In our production there are flat gaskets of different materials to satisfy every operational condition: from those made in rubber to others asbestos-free for special applications. We can also realize envelope gaskets: this process consists in clothing with a metal, usually copper, the inner part of the gasket allowing the contact with substances which otherwise would damage it.