It is the easiest and most economic system for realizing gaskets, sound absorbers and all the compressible materials with a low thickness or soft as rubbers, foam polyurethanes and electrical insulators.

We have to prepare a socket punch to obtain the template. In its most economic version (so called “american”) is a wood base, laser-shaped in which there is a steel foil for the cutting. During the die-cutting process the speed of cutting is not dependent on product’s complexity. In this manner a 10 holes gasket and a 2 holes one need the same production time and they finally have the same cost.

Furthermore, in Gecam it was realized a very simple device which makes possible to obtain an already cleaned gasket, without scraps and with even lower production times. Considering the low cost of the american socket punch and the speed of cutting in the modern die cutting machines with a numeric control, we can easily understand how this technology has had and continues to have a good success.