Oscillating knife represents a middle ground between die cutting an water jet machines.

The material is cut by an oscillating knife at high frequency: the semifinished product is stopped on the worktable by a circuit which creates a strong depression. In this way, also wrinkled materials as sound absorbers, sponges and many foam rubbers are cut with precision.

Originally, the oscillating knife was produced to be used in the paper industry and/or clothing sector but later, thanks to some improvements, it began to be used in the sector of technical material cutting. The blade has various shapes depending on the material which usually has to be soft or semi-rigid such as asbestos-free materials or plastics with a low thickness.

The other versions of the standard machine can be equipped with a milling cutter and an optional conveyor for a continuous production.

The oscillating knife is a more economic solution compared with water jet cutting: the milling cutter equipment makes possible the productions with undercuts and non-through cuts.